Underwriting Strengths Help Shape Great Offers

It’s summer time and we all want to be in great shape!

This A+ carrier will help you shape up for the summer and beyond.  With underwriting strengths in many aspects, think of this carrier as your personal trainer!

  • Occasional cigar users (one per month or less) can qualify for Preferred Plus, Preferred & Standard Plus non-tobacco rates if there is a negative urinalysis test
  • Clients who occasionally use marijuana may qualify for standard non-smoker rates (possibly better)
Here are some examples for family history underwriting strengths:
  • Family history qualifications do not apply if the proposed insured is 65 or older for Preferred Plus, Preferred & Standard Plus classes
  • Family history qualifications apply only to deaths rather than disease
  • Family history of deaths due to cancer can qualify for Preferred and Standard Plus
  • Great family history credit – no deaths prior to age 70
Underwriting strengths for common health impairments:
  • Mild Asthma clients may be eligible for Preferred
  • Mild Sleep Apnea may be eligible for Preferred with verified C-PAP usage
  • Treatment for cholesterol or hypertension does not exclude a proposed insured from Preferred, Preferred Plus or Standard Plus classes
  • Blood Pressure control credit treated or untreated of 130/80 or better
  • Commercial pilots for regularly scheduled passenger airlines can qualify for all preferred classes and private pilots may qualify for Preferred Plus, Preferred or Standard Plus classes with Aviation Exclusion Rider (AER)
  • Preferred classes may be available for occasional scuba diving if proposed insured is certified and dives less than 100 feet

Call the our Life Underwriting Department today – we can help you enjoy the summer with more business on the books!

Underwriting Credits Help Make The Sale

Carriers use crediting criteria to improve your clients’ ratings.  The following case study shows how the identification and application of underwriting credits can significantly reduce premiums.

Case Study:
  • Male, age 35, NS
  • Seeking $2 mil of term
  • No tobacco use
  • Build is 5’8”, 204 lbs
  • Blood pressure 130/85
  • Cholesterol 273 with cholesterol/HDL ratio of 5.5
  • Father diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 56, but still living at age 67

Underwriting Rating:  Using traditional criteria, this proposed insured would qualify for Standard Plus with a $2500 annual premium.

Crediting Criteria:  Crediting Criteria added 1 inch to the proposed insured’s height, making him 5’9”, 208 lbs.  He was then considered Preferred for build.

Final Decision:  Case was moved to one class higher and issued Preferred – Annual premium = $1753 and saving nearly 30%.

On each case we see, we work hard to identify any underwriting credits your client may qualify for.  Contact our Underwriting Department today.

No Adverse Underwriting For Family History Of Cancer

Family history of cancer can have an adverse impact on underwriting decisions despite a client’s own personal history of excellent health.

While most carriers limit eligible rate classes for this particular family history, there are still a couple of A+ carriers that do not underwrite family cancer histories at all.

This means a client with a family history of cancer can still qualify for all of the Preferred Rate Classes, including Best Class.

In addition, there are other carriers who disregard family history of opposite-gender cancers, such as, a male applicant whose mother died from uterine cancer or a female applicant whose father died from prostate cancer.

Let our Underwriting Team help you get the best offers for your clients with family history of cancer!  Call us today.

Impaired Risk Underwriting – Standard Plus Power

One of our carriers bases pricing of their table rated cases off of ‘Standard Plus’ rates, rather than ‘Standard’ rates like most of the others.

This pricing feature could make a significant difference to your clients’ with multiple health impairments.

Here is a success story:
    • 46 -year -old male
    • $5 million term policy
    • No tobacco use
    • 6’1”, 211 lbs.
    • 2011 was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes treated with Metformin
  • A1c level 7.8, Blood pressure 135/84, Total Cholesterol 273, HDL 41, LDL 125
  • Normal urine protein
  • Client’s mother died of a stroke at age 68

This carrier issued a Table 2, and the premium was based off of Standard Plus rates, resulting in a significant cost savings to the client.

Contact the Underwriting Department to find out which carrier we’ve spotlighted here – and to learn of more ways we can help lower the premiums on your clients’ impaired risk cases.

Client’s Family History Have You Down? We Have a Solution!

If you feel challenged with significant adverse family history compromising your client’s ability to achieve Preferred rates, we have a solution.

Our Underwriting Team is here to help with all your impaired risk cases.

Here are some examples:

Example #1

  • 67- year- old male
  • 5’10”, 190 lbs.
  • BP averages 140/84, total cholesterol 218, & Chol/HDL ratio 4.6
  • Father died at age 45 due to a heart attack and mother died at age 60 due to advanced breast cancer
  • No other adverse medical history in his APS records

Underwriting Decision:  Preferred Best!

Key Factor:  Family history is NOT considered when the proposed insured is older than 65.  Therefore, the fact that our individual had two parents dying of heart disease/cancer at age 60 and younger had no bearing on the final decision.

Example #2

  • 42- year- old female
  • 5’3”, 154 lbs.
  • BP averages 130/80, total cholesterol 220, & Chol/HDL ratio 4.2
  • Both hypertension and cholesterol are currently being treated with medications
  • Father passed away at age 59 due to prostate cancer
  • No other adverse medical history in her APS records

Underwriting Decision:  Preferred Best!

Key Factor:  Gender specific cancers are not considered on proposed insured’s of the opposite sex.  Since our female applicant’s adverse family history was due to a male disease, it also had no bearing on the final decision.

Please contact us today for more information about this carrier and how we can help boost your sales.