Guaranteed Level Premiums For LTCi

The traditional Long Term Care Insurance market has finally found a solution to provide guaranteed level premiums. Without the fear of a potential future rate increase, advisors and clients alike will no longer have to shy away from purchasing traditional LTCi policies.

Now the marketplace offers a way to structure premiums with guaranteed, non-cancelable premiums that are level for the life of the policy holder.

Not only can the policy guarantee level premiums, it also generates a death benefit and cash value over the life of the contract – all for an affordable cost.

See below for detail of what an additional $1,000 per year can purchase for a 55 year old couple looking to explore multiple LTCi options:

  • Non-Cancellable Premiums with no rate increase exposure
  • Conversion from a joint 10 year plan to a joint unlimited plan
  • Reduced Elimination Period
  • Guaranteed second to die death benefit with no LTC claim
  • Guaranteed cash value accumulation
  Leading Traditional LTCi Pay For Life – Asset Based
LTC Monthly Benefit $6,000 per claimant $6,000 per claimant
LTC Benefit Period 10 years combined Unlimited/Lifetime
Elimination Period 90 Days 30 Days at Home, 60 for Facility
Death Benefit N/A 150k guaranteed
Guaranteed Cash Value Year 10 N/A 28k
Guaranteed Cash Value Year 20 N/A 64k
Non-Cancelable Premiums No Yes
Annual Premium $3,700 $4,700

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Portrait of a Producer

Portrait of a Producer

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