Guaranteed Issue DI For Business Solutions

Have you ever come across a guaranteed-issue, key person DI plan?  What about guaranteed-issue, Business Overhead Expense coverage?  Guaranteed Issue Buy/Sell Insurance?

While extremely uncommon and with a limited scope in the traditional disability market, these Guaranteed Issue DI programs do exist with high-limit, robust benefit structures – and are available to brokers seeking a DI portfolio for their client base of unique, corporate solutions.

Guaranteed Issue DI business solutions encompasses the same, incredible attributes and large, multi-life premium discounts of the more familiar guaranteed-issue group and personal DI products.

Only 3 lives are needed to qualify for coverage with no exam, blood, HOS, or Tax Returns.

Here are some examples and ideas for this type of coverage:

Key Person

A pharmaceutical company employs 33 regional sales reps who are experts in business development and maintaining client relationships. A loss of any one of them would certainly cause, at the very least, short-term fiscal concern for the company. A properly deployed Key Person GSI plan would be able to financially indemnify such a loss of one or more strategic personnel.

Business Overhead Expense

A medical management firm oversees 16 separate physician practices under a shared corporate identity. Maintaining the huge monthly overhead of any one of the individual practices would be a collective financial hardship should one of the physicians become disabled. A Guaranteed Issue Business Overhead Expense plan would cover the monthly expenses of all participating practices over and above their individual policies.


A law firm of 127 attorneys, many of whom are included in a stock option program, provides an average of 7% ownership of the company to each equity partner. An appropriately devised Buy/Sell GSI plan would fund a buy/sell agreement to cover each of the stake holders on a guaranteed-issue basis.

Streamlining Your DI Sales For Extra Holiday Spending

No need to stress over getting your last bit of business placed before the year’s end – with streamlined, simplified underwriting programs, you can enjoy the holiday season, have extra spending money in your pocket, and protect your clients’ incomes with Individual Disability Insurance.

For clients age 50 and under there is up to $6,000 of Individual Disability Monthly Benefit available and/or $10,000 of Business Overhead with NO exams, blood, specimen, APS’ required. And by simplifying the underwriting process, your clients can have a decision within 48 hours of application.

All riders are available, including Guaranteed Future purchase and “True Own Occupations” definitions.

In addition, we can annualize your commissions – meaning you’ll have a nice-sized paycheck just in time for the holidays.

The process is easy. Using the proposal request form here – all proposals and applications will be on your desk within 4 hours. From there you’ll submit the 4-page application while your client completes Part B with a phone interview and you’re done.

Contact your Disability Specialist to learn more about covering your clients today with Simplified Underwriting programs.

  *Annualized commissions require 3 years life insurance experience and 90%+ persistency.
**Not available in all states.

Portrait of a Producer

Portrait of a Producer

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