Upgrades In Underwriting

Upgrades In Underwriting

There are times when one pesky impairment keeps a case from getting a Preferred or better offer.  It may even lead to a loss of the sale.

One of our carriers has an underwriting program that can give that little push needed to get Preferred classes and help to make the sale.

This program allows for a one class upgrade if the reason for a less favorable rating is based on one of these categories: build, cholesterol, blood pressure or family history.  If the remaining three categories all fall within the better rate class guidelines, the upgrade is applied.  Whether your client is applying for Term or Permanent coverage, this upgrade is available for both products, up to age 70, and even includes smoker classes.

Case Example:

A 60 yr old male’s build places him in a Preferred class.  If his blood pressure, cholesterol and family history all fall within Preferred Best guidelines, he will be improved to Preferred Best.

Take a look at these other underwriting strengths this carrier has to offer:

The One Table Reduction Program can help on substandard cases.  It provides a one table improvement on substandard classes for clients through age 70.  For example, Table B offers can now be improved to Standard.  This is available on both Term and Permanent products

Recreational pipe use can be considered for non-tobacco rates under the same guidelines as recreational cigar use.  For example, Preferred non-tobacco is possible if use if no more than once per month with negative nicotine on urinalysis.

Scuba diving can be considered for Preferred Best rates based on the following criteria:  Resort diving up to 35 feet deep and no more than 6 dives annually or up to 75 feet for certified divers using the buddy system and no more than 10 dives annually.

Interested in learning more about this carrier and how we can help your clients achieve the best possible underwriting outcomes?  Contact your Underwriter for more information.