Rest Easy – Preferred Is Possible On Sleep Apnea Cases

Rest Easy – Preferred Is Possible On Sleep Apnea Cases

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder.  If left untreated, it can result in a growing number of health problems including high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure, diabetes and depression.

Here’s the good news – it is possible to get Preferred considerations on successfully treated sleep apnea.

If the condition is mild (Apnea Index below 20 and oxygen saturation greater than 80% on sleep study), all Preferred classes can be available if treatment is successful.  More severe sleep apnea conditions may qualify for Standard Plus or Preferred if successfully treated.

Take a look at this case study:

  • 50- yr- old male
  • Small business owner applying for $2 million of term coverage
  • Non Smoker, with no tobacco use in 30 years
  • No adverse family history
  • Began complaining of fatigue five years ago
  • Sleep study showed an Apnea Index of 30 and oxygen saturation of 80%; CPAP was recommended
  • A follow up sleep study 18 months later showed an Apnea Index of 2 and oxygen saturation of 98%
  • There is documented compliance of CPAP use and no further symptoms
  • EKG and lab studies were within normal limits; Cholesterol of 185/ratio of 2.3
  • Underwriting Decision: Preferred Non Tobacco

Treatment success is shown by a follow up sleep study and documented compliance of the recommended treatment.

Contact your Underwriting Team – regardless of the impairment, we know what it takes to get you the best rates for your clients.