Income Protection For Business Owners And Their Employees

Income Protection For Business Owners And Their Employees

Employers today are constantly struggling to find new ways to attract, motivate and retain the best and brightest employees without having to pay them overly inflated wages.  One way to accomplish this is by offering a competitive employee benefits package.

In a recent study by one of our strategic carrier providers, 61% of employees surveyed said a strong employee benefit package encouraged them to work harder and perform better; 61% said such a package gave them increased incentive to stay with their current employer.

Whether the business has as few as two employees or 100, the ability to incorporate an affordable Individual Disability Income plan into the company’s overall benefit package can be an absolute game changer!

43% of employees surveyed reported that their ability to protect their financial assets due to an unexpected event is of paramount concern.

The Solution

We can provide you with customized Multi-Life and Group Disability Income plans with varying levels of underwriting and discounts depending on the needs of your business owner.

Based on the number of employees and the underwriting program selected, a 20-30% discount and unisex rate classes can potentially increase your client’s savings.

From start to finish, the process is streamlined for both you and your client.  Whether you need assistance with marketing material, quotes, policy review or worksite enrollment, we and our carrier partners are positioned to support you throughout the entire sales process.

Contact your dedicated Disability Specialist today to learn more about how you can help your business owners better retain their employees by offering a more competitive benefits package.