How To Convert More Life Insurance Applications Into Paid Production

How To Convert More Life Insurance Applications Into Paid Production

Surprises can be fun, but not when they’re thrown into the Life Underwriting process.

As producers, we all have experienced the challenge of making a recommendation, completing an application kit, and working through days, even weeks, of underwriting – only to learn that the client cannot qualify for preferred rates due to family history, or that they must pay a substandard premium because of multiple driving violations.

After all the work, how many of your applications actually end up being placed in-force?

Eliminate any unexpected surprises during underwriting

We can provide you with tools that will aid in accurately assessing and qualifying your clients’ insurability.

Improve the percentage of applications that are converted into placed policies by performing a basic life needs analysis; asking the right field underwriting questions, and setting reasonable expectations with your client.

Qualify your impaired risk clients more accurately with one page fact finders we call Quick Quotes – with over 30 customized fact finders available online, there is a questionnaire available for almost any client profile.

Completed forms are analyzed by our dedicated Underwriting Department

When appropriate, a member of the Underwriting Team will speak with you personally about your clients and provide directed questions about their health and medical history – the goal is to obtain tentative carrier offers before you make a carrier recommendation or take an application.

Completing a life insurance needs analysis and gaining an understanding of your clients desired premium outlay allows us to work backwards – maximize the insurance policy benefits while not going a penny over the client’s intended budget, even if they are adversely approved in underwriting.

Don’t assume all of your clients are healthy and will qualify at preferred best rates

The reality is that less than 10% of all applicants qualify for the top tier rate class and the majority of clients are approved at standard rates.  Take advantage of our services and expertise to avoid any underwriting surprises.

Contact us today to learn more about the resources available, and how you can improve your life application placement ratio.