Live The Good Life And Get Rewarded

Live The Good Life And Get Rewarded

One of  our carriers rewards clients for their good health by granting credits against their health impairment ratings – resulting in better underwriting classes for permanent plan cases.

Studies have proven that people who live healthy lifestyles and who are generally fit, live longer – even if they have minor health issues.

During the underwriting process, this carrier will gather information from medical records, for applicants through age 70 around certain lifestyle factors and medical tests and will score each one.  Their final score will then be used for the purposes of improving the underwriting class or offsetting the table rating.

Sample Case:
  • 64 year old male
  • 5’11” 195 lbs
  • Applying for $1.2 million of Universal life coverage
  • Business owner
  • Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
  • History of A1c testing reveals good control over last 5 years

The carrier initially offered Table 2.

Credits were applied based on the following favorable factors:
  • Never used nicotine products
  • Attending physician’s statement reveals regular aerobic exercise four times per week
  • Colonoscopy screening normal
  • PSA testing within normal limits

The carrier was then able to offer Standard Plus Non-Nicotine – a 3 class upgrade!

Our Underwriting Team is here to help with all of your impaired risk cases.  Please contact us today for more information about this carrier – and details of how we can help boost your sales.