The Power Of Real Life Stories

The Power Of Real Life Stories

You know statistics alone don’t sell Disability Income Insurance.  No matter how many scary statistics you quote, some customers can’t fathom why they may need DI.  That’s when having some real life examples your customers can relate to can turn the sale around.

People love stories.  Children beg to hear them.  A campfire wouldn’t be the same without them.

A well-crafted story can evoke an emotional response and paint a picture that leaves a lasting impression.  And that’s what makes stories such powerful sales tools.

Stories are a good way to get people to accept what you are selling.  Telling the right story in the right way can be a powerful form of persuasion.  Making your point with a compelling story can sway opinions and preconceived notions much more effectively than a simple statement.

Why?  Because stories appeal to peoples’ emotions and are more memorable.  Stories provide context.

A Different Approach

But it’s not your only your stories that can work for you.  Your clients may not even realize it but they probably have stories of someone they know who’s been affected by having (or not having) DI.  Listen carefully for indicators that there’s something in their heads and try to draw it out.

In the end, a story your clients can relate to has the potential to make a powerful statement with very little selling on your part.

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