Indexed Universal Life: A New Savings Plan!

Indexed Universal Life: A New Savings Plan!

The yields in today’s marketplace on traditional short-term and long-term savings instruments are at an all time low.

Individuals are looking for efficient strategies to grow their money that they have worked hard to accumulate, but fear high risk in the markets.

There is a way to accomplish long-term growth and minimize the exposure to the increased volatility of the markets – Indexed Universal Life Insurance products.

How does this work with a real prospect in mind?

Indexed Universal Life has downside protection against poor market performance.

For example, if the S&P goes down 20% the policy will protect against loses with a 0.00% floor.  The value in the policy will not be reduced by the loss in the index.  If the market goes up 20% then the client will realize a gain up to the interest rate cap inside the policy, which can be as high as 13 %.

The Indexed Universal Life products also allow the individual to participate in an index of their choice within the carriers offering, which is usually the S&P 500.  The client may also have options to participate in the Hang Seng and the EURO STOXX 50.

If you have prospects that are creating a college savings account, retaining a key employee or trying to compensate high level executives, Indexed Universal Life is a way to help them secure and plan for their futures.

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