Are Your Clients’ Retirement Dreams Protected?

Are Your Clients’ Retirement Dreams Protected?

Insurance and Financial Advisors help their clients save and prepare for retirement, but have you thought about what would happen to your clients’ retirement dreams if they became too sick or hurt to work and could no longer:

  • Save for retirement?
  • Contribute to their qualified retirement plans and receive employer matches (if available)?
  • Contribute to Social Security?

Even a short-term disability and loss of regular salary can eliminate years of savings and jeopardize your clients’ retirement dreams.

The Solution: Offer Disability Income Retirement Security

Disability Insurance Retirement Security is an innovative program that helps clients ensure their ability to continue saving for retirement in the event of any type of long-term or total disability.

It is ideal for individuals who:

  • Make at least $76,000 per year
  • Already have Disability InsuranceGroup Long-Term Disability and/or Individual Disability Insurance
  • Understand the importance of Retirement Planning

You don’t need to be a Disability Income expert, we’re here to help.  Contact your Disability Income Specialist with product questions, and for illustrations, case design and implementation.