Impaired Risk Underwriting – Standard Plus Power

Impaired Risk Underwriting – Standard Plus Power

One of our carriers bases pricing of their table rated cases off of ‘Standard Plus’ rates, rather than ‘Standard’ rates like most of the others.

This pricing feature could make a significant difference to your clients’ with multiple health impairments.

Here is a success story:
    • 46 -year -old male
    • $5 million term policy
    • No tobacco use
    • 6’1”, 211 lbs.
    • 2011 was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes treated with Metformin
  • A1c level 7.8, Blood pressure 135/84, Total Cholesterol 273, HDL 41, LDL 125
  • Normal urine protein
  • Client’s mother died of a stroke at age 68

This carrier issued a Table 2, and the premium was based off of Standard Plus rates, resulting in a significant cost savings to the client.

Contact the Underwriting Department to find out which carrier we’ve spotlighted here – and to learn of more ways we can help lower the premiums on your clients’ impaired risk cases.