The A-B-C’s Of The Cash Benefit

The A-B-C’s Of The Cash Benefit

Everyone knows what cash can do.  Use this simple concept to demonstrate the value of purchasing a Long-Term Care policy that includes a built-in cash benefit.

Take out a piece of paper and write on it vertically: A, B, C.

A is for Assets

When the need for Long-Term Care first arises, many people worry they may not have assets available to pay for care they need.  This is especially true for people who may have to liquidate assets like stocks, CDs or even property to pay for their care.

B is for Burden

Families typically step in to help a loved one who needs Long-Term Care.  But that may be difficult for adult children who have their own family and career responsibilities.  If your clients are like most people, the last thing they want to do is to become a burden to their family.

C is for Choices

A Long-Term Care Insurance policy that offers a cash benefit can help someone receive care in the comfort of their own home.

The cash can be used however its needed most.  Whether it’s to pay for an airline ticket or a tank of gas so a child can help out or for housekeeping or meal delivery services.

With one of our strategic carrier providers, the cash is available to you on day one.  That means when you become eligible for benefits under your policy, there’s no waiting period to qualify for cash.  This is something you won’t find from other insurance companies.

In addition, should your client need a higher level of care someday, they always have the choice to switch from the cash benefit to a traditional reimbursement benefit, which reimburses for the actual Long-Term Care services expenses incurred.

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