Tis The Season Of Giving

Tis The Season Of Giving

On a classic episode of the prank show Candid Camera, people on an elevator watched in confusion as other occupants stood with their backs to the door – and despite their better judgement did the same without question. Why? Humans are social animals and tend to follow the herd.

While some insurance carriers seek to exploit the pressure people feel to conform, others are attempting to change the norm.

Symetra allows clients to nominate a charity when they purchase a policy – a benefit available at no additional cost

This rider provides the qualified charity of your client’s choice a gift equal to 1% of the paid death benefit.  It allows individuals to be proud of, and identify with, a recognized charity – a humblebrag likely to make its way in conversations with friends and family.

With an insurance age of 34 and at top health rates, a $500 monthly premium can guarantee a $1,375,624 death benefit – which would come to a sizable donation of $13,756 to the charitable entity.

And with the holiday season just around the corner, giving is probably already on your clients’ minds.  Counting blessings has a tendency to stroke one’s charitable nature – and what better than giving back. Be sure to discuss this charitable gift rider with your clients this holiday season!

Contact your Life Insurance Specialist for details – and Happy Holidays!