Offering Peace Of Mind To Military Personnel

Offering Peace Of Mind To Military Personnel

As we approach Veteran’s Day, let’s take a moment to learn about opportunities for life insurance that will allow our men and women in the military to protect their families, offering them peace of mind while abroad.

One of our carriers has extended a long standing policy to support our men and women in the military who are:
  • In the active military or military reserve services, including those in National Guard Units
  • In receipt of orders to report to trouble spots or areas of combat
Important product features:
  • Life insurance policies generally do not include any war restrictions or exclusion clauses
  • The amount of coverage may be limited according to pay grade or suitability of sale
  • Acceptance of proposed insureds for life insurance who are members of the United States Armed Forces (some military special forces may not be considered for coverage)
  • The application and all underwriting requirements must be completed in the United States

Note: If the military duties include extra risks or involvement with special force units, life insurance premiums may be higher or coverage may be declined.

We’re here to help you provide protection for individuals with unique needs.

To the men and women protecting our country; thank you for your dedication, service and sacrifice in defending our freedom and way of life.