1st And Goal: A Carrier Winning Play In Underwriting

1st And Goal: A Carrier Winning Play In Underwriting

Have you ever had a case resistant to the end zone, defeated by a carrier’s strong defense?

On the field of impairment risk underwriting and in a contest of carrier vs. carrier, the final scoreboard can be unpredictable.

Let’s review the highlight reel of a recent case to get to a carrier winning play:

A 39 year old female seeking $3 million of term coverage. She is a lifelong non-smoker with a normal build (5’6″, 127 lbs), but diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B in childhood and treated with Tenofovir. Her condition is well followed and she is asymptomatic. Alcohol use is very minimal, a drink every few months. A liver biopsy done in 2017 showed minimal steatosis (fatty liver) and a 2018 Fibroscan (a test that evaluates liver fibrosis) showed mild to no liver scarring. ALT liver enzyme test was mildly elevated. Her father also has a history of chronic hepatitis B.

What does the scorecard look like?

Carrier #1 – A giant loss as they declined to offer.

Carrier #2 – Their tentative Table E NT offer fell short of a first down.

Carrier #3 – Despite a healthy crediting program in their playbook, Table D NT was their best offer.

Carrier #4 – Touchdown with Standard NT!

When you’re at the line of scrimmage, making the right call is essential to moving the ball down the field and into the end zone.

Your Underwriting Team is made up of experts and all-star level talent, is here to help you scout the carriers, even the playing field – and win cases.