Rest Easy With Sleep Apnea

Rest Easy With Sleep Apnea

When it comes to underwriting, one of our A-rated carriers follows a responsibly aggressive approach and looks closely at controlled impairments.

This carrier defines a true Standard applicant as one whose underwriting assessment requires no credits to achieve a Standard rate class.  If someone is a true Standard and meets all other Preferred criteria, then the applicant will get a Preferred rate class.

Here’s an example:
  • 56-year old male
  • Non-tobacco user
  • Works full time as an Accountant
  • Has moderate sleep apnea that has been well-controlled for over a year
  • Has maintained documented evidence of compliance with his CPAP machine
  • Has no other symptoms or significant medical history and has a healthy lifestyle

Final Underwriting Offer:  Super Preferred!

This offer is available for both Term and Permanent plan products.

Your Underwriting Team is here to help with all your impaired risk cases.  Please contact us today for more information about this carrier and how we can help boost your sales.