LTCi Without The Rate Increase Exposure

LTCi Without The Rate Increase Exposure

You can use a flexible Asset Based solution which allows for affordable premium payments overtime while retaining flexibility for your client.

With a $6300 annual premium for a 10 year period, the client secures a guaranteed death benefit, guaranteed cash surrender value, and a tax free million dollar pool of money for Long Term Care purposes by age 82.

Sample Case:


Male, 45
Premium Payment $6,300 x 10 Years
Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefit Year One $50,000
LTC Pool at Age: 45 $170,000
LTC Pool at Age: 65 $451,000
LTC Pool at Age: 81 $1,000,000
LTC Pool at Age: 85 $1,200,000
Cash Value $64k at Year 10
Death Benefit $64k at Year 10

Your clients have questions – they need direction when it comes to Long Term Care planning.

While 9 out of 10 advisors don’t feel comfortable discussing the realities of LTCi with their clients, those advisors who do, position themselves to capitalize on their peers’ deficiencies.

The LTC planning process begins with a conversation, a conversation that you initiate with your clients. The sooner the conversation takes place, the more attractive and wide-ranging the solutions you can use to solve the needs are.

Contact your LTCi Sales & Marketing Manager to discuss alternative Long Term Care strategies.