How $500 A Month Can Bring More Rewards To A Client’s Future Than Ever Before

How $500 A Month Can Bring More Rewards To A Client’s Future Than Ever Before

Life insurance planning for your clients who can consistently make a monthly payment to a permanent life insurance policy has never been more rewarding than it is today.

Permanent policies that grow cash value on a tax deferred basis, provide monthly long-term care benefits, and secure a strong death benefit during earning years are the most popular products in the market place.

The flexibility to take tax free income using policy loans make these products a necessity in retirement planning.

On top of these significant advantages, a client can earn discounts at grocery stores, booking websites like, retail stores like REI, and cruise line discounts. Benefits on top of benefits all in ONE policy.

John Hancock’s Accumulation Index UL adding the Vitality and Long-Term Care rider can be a valuable asset for any client who can spend $500 a month
  • Male, 45, Preferred Non-Smoker
  • $500 a month
  • Vitality Gold participation
  • Initial Death benefit = $434,565
  • Monthly LTC benefit = $8,691
  • Cash value in 20 years = $155,561 (6.00% ROR)
Vitality Benefit at Gold
  • Earned $600 a year at grocery chains for healthy food choices
  • 4 nights 50% discount when booking on (avg cost of hotel room in U.S. = $137 a night)
  • 40% discount on top Cruise lines
  • 25% discount at REI department stores

Do you have clients who need life insurance and are spending $500 a month on non-essential items? Let them know about all the benefits a life insurance policy with Vitality can bring to their lives and the lives of their loved ones.