DI Retirement Security

DI Retirement Security

Your client’s all have different dreams. They may want to travel, take up hobbies or spend more time with family. Whatever their plans, they have probably started saving considering they could spend 20 to 30 years in retirement.

Even if your clients believe they are on track with retirement savings they may be overlooking a key aspect in retirement planning: what happens to their ability to save if they become too sick or injured to work?

Think about it – if your client was no longer receiving an income and were incurring increased medical bills, would they be able to put aside money for retirement?

They would probably need to use that savings for every day expenses!

The Solution

One of our strategic carrier providers has created an innovative product, DI Retirement Security, that can help your client continue saving even when the income stream stops due to disability.

If your client becomes disabled, the policy pays Disability benefits into an Irrevocable Trust at Banker’s Trust Company. Banker’s will invest the benefits on your behalf into one of six allocation models (based on your client’s risk tolerance), until you reach the end of the benefit period. When retirement comes, your client will be able to pull these benefits out of the Trust income tax free if premiums are paid with after-tax dollars.

The DI Retirement Security product can be an extremely important safety net to help ensure your clients meet their retirement goals. Making sure they are able to retire at the age they want and with the security of knowing they will not outlive their savings. This carrier has made great strides in attempting to protect all aspects of your client’s portfolio.

Please contact your dedicated Sales Associate to learn more about this great product.