Adequate Disability Benefits or “A Living Death”

Adequate Disability Benefits or “A Living Death”

Advisors and planners must know that adequate Disability Insurance benefits for business owners can seldom be handled by one policy or one carrier.

Adequate Disability coverage requires planning, which can be done once a person knows what resources are available.

Whether the need is for $1,000 to $100,000 of monthly Personal Income Protection, or $100,000 to $100,000,000 to fund the Disability Buy Sell Agreement for the business, such plans can and should be assembled quickly and easily.

Most producers combine DI and Life in their business operation

Solomon S. Huebner wrote in his book, Life Insurance, that there are two kinds of death, “Dead Death” and “Living Death,” which were his selected words to describe a Disability.

Dr. Huebner went on to opine that of the two deaths, the “Living Death” is the worst economically, because the victim is still here, a heavy consumer without being a producer of income.

It is important to offer your client’s adequate Disability coverage and Income Protection to ensure they aren’t suffering a “Living Death” and spending more on medical bills or living costs than they are able to afford.

Please contact your Disability Marketing manager today to learn more about planning for the adequate amount of Income Protection for your client today.