More Compensation With John Hancock Vitality

More Compensation With John Hancock Vitality

It’s John Hancock Vitality’s fourth birthday and there’s a lot to celebrate!

With the John Hancock Vitality bonus, you’ll earn more compensation with every sale you make:

  • Sell any of John Hancock’s permanent life insurance policies with Vitality PLUS and get +10 extra points – effective on policies issued on or after October 1, 2018.1
  • Upgrade your Vitality GO clients to Vitality PLUS and receive +10 points if the upgrade occurs within 90 days, or + 5 points if it’s after 90 days but before 25 months.

John Hancock will pay you directly, 30 days following your regular compensation cycles, unless there is a different arrangement with your firm.2

All compensation statements will be clearly marked “Vitality bonus” for easy identification. Please refer to individual compensation schedules for specific chargeback details and firm eligibility.

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1.The bonus is available on permanent policies only, and is not available on Term, Variable and any policy issued in New York. The bonus is restricted to base compensation on paid first year target commissionable premium only and is not payable on unused premium received in the second policy year, excess or renewal compensation, or on year two rolling targets. Institutions or wholesaled business in banks and wirehouses are not eligible or as prohibited by firm. Please refer to your firm compensation rules for additional information. John Hancock reserves the right to discontinue this additional compensation at any time.
2.Except as otherwise provided in any product-specific documentation applicable to a particular product or rider, there will be a chargeback of amounts paid, to include the Vitality bonus (5 or 10 points) on any policy which is lapsed, surrendered or if the Vitality (HER) rider is terminated within a 12 or 18 month period, dependent on specific product charge back provisions. Please refer to individual compensation schedules for details.