Disability Insurance For The Part-Time Employee

Disability Insurance For The Part-Time Employee

Do you have any clients who earn significant income while working an inconsistent schedule or in a part-time occupation?

For traditional Disability Insurance, it is a requirement that the client work full time in a particular occupation in order to qualify. This requirement eliminates many potential prospects that may have irregular work schedules or uncommon occupations.

We can provide you with an outlet to obtain Disability Income Insurance on clients who may not work 30+ hours per week.

How does it work?

We will help to qualify your clients based on their annual income without consideration to whether they earned that money in 36 days or 365 days.

Some instances where this comes into play are the physician who decides to scale back their work schedule to be more involved with raising a family or the musician who may only tour for a few months and not work for the rest of the year.

Other occupations such as fishermen and oil rig operators also have inconsistent work schedules that require special consideration for Disability Income protection.

Whether you have a highly compensated part-time worker, a celebrity or athlete, we can help you obtain coverage when the traditional carriers can’t or won’t.

We can also review previous Disability clients who may have previously been declined for coverage.

Our team is here to help find coverage on these otherwise difficult to place cases by collecting the proper information and working with you to develop and customized plan design.