Blue Collar Business Owners Need Business Overhead Protection Too!

Blue Collar Business Owners Need Business Overhead Protection Too!

Your small business owner clients are faced with many challenges trying to build and sustain their businesses. Maintaining their business during pristine economic conditions can be difficult enough, much less trying to stay profitable if an unexpected Injury or Illness should arise.

While many small businesses may have additional support provided by employees, the continued success of their company is directly affected by their active involvement in the day to day activities.

The business overhead expense need is obvious for high income earning, white collar business owners, but that same essential need exists for small blue collar business owners as well.

If a small blue collar business owner became disabled what revenue-generating options would be available to keep up with the ongoing business expenses? Is your client ready to take a chance that a lender will advance money to a business whose key employee has lost the ability to generate income?

It is possible, but if their disability is crippling enough to keep them out of work for more than 30 days, consider the importance of knowing that their employee paychecks, mortgages, rental payments and utility bills will continue to be paid on time in their absence to help keep the company afloat.

Our disability carriers have made a commitment to help protect your small blue collar business owners should they become disabled and out of work

These plans encompass everything from covering the monthly general operating expenses to Including Employee’s Salaries. The contracts can be structured to include a 30, 60 or 90 day elimination period, benefit periods of up to 24 Months, Partial Disability benefits and a choice of monthly benefit amounts.

With such a variety of plan designs, your client can tailor a product to fit their specific business expenses.

If you work with small blue collar business owners it is imperative that you ask, “What would happen to your business if you got sick or hurt and could not actively participate in the day to day activities”? How long could your business sustain itself without you?

As 4 in 10 workers entering the workforce today will become disabled before retirement, there is a high risk of your client losing the business they’ve worked so hard to build.

To learn more about how these products can help protect your client’s business please contact your dedicated Sales Team today.