How Vitality Is Changing The Lives Of People With Diabetes

How Vitality Is Changing The Lives Of People With Diabetes

Once considered high-risk, budding modifications to underwriting guidelines are now opening up opportunities for insuring the 30-million Americans currently living with diabetes – making special considerations for individuals who are making efforts to keep their condition under control.

One innovative carrier has gone as far as rewarding members with cash gifts and discounts for engaging in a healthy lifestyle – which makes the John Hancock Vitality Program a model platform for diabetics.

$600 savings on food purchases

A well balanced diet is a key element in maintaining proper blood sugar levels. The Vitality HealthyFood™ benefit will save members big money on sensible food purchases at more than 16,000 participating grocery stores nationwide, including Walmart® and 70 major grocery chains.

Exclusive access to Apple Watch 3 for $25

Another vital component of a diabetes management plan is physical activity – it burns sugar (glucose) and improves how the body utilizes insulin – even cutting insulin resistance.

Properly tracking progress has proven to keep motivation levels on high – and Vitality Program participants receive a complimentary FitBit to get started off right and stay on track.

Plus, the option to upgrade to the fastest selling LTE wearable on the market – an Apple Watch Series 4 at only 7% of the cost – and the option to never make another payment on it by simply completing regular exercise regimens.

Discounts on annual premiums

John Hancock with Vitality is the only life policy available that gives clients the power to control how much they’ll pay for their annual premiums – owners that are actively engaged can earn up to 15% off.

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