Long Term Care – With Guaranteed Premiums

Long Term Care – With Guaranteed Premiums

Asset Based LTCi is designed to help protect your clients’ assets by using the safety of whole Life Insurance.

With a guaranteed premium, your clients will receive a guaranteed amount of Life Insurance that can be applied to their LTCi expenses.

Your premium is also credited with a minimum guaranteed interest rate, meaning your cash value is guaranteed to grow each month. And if your clients were to tire of the product, they have the option to request for a full return of your single premium – providing an increased level of flexibility that most clients are looking for.

Help your clients utilize an existing asset – whether that be money set aside in CDs, savings accounts, or other liquid funds – as the funding.

When recommending an Asset Based LTCi product for your clients, you can be confident that:
  • Your client’s premiums will never increase
  • The amount of death/ long-term care benefits are guaranteed
  • Their money earns interest with a minimum guaranteed interest rate
  • They will never outlive their plan benefits when you select the optional Lifetime Benefit feature
Tax Information:
  • LTCi benefits are received income-tax free
  • Interest accumulation is tax-deferred
  • Life Insurance benefit, if unused for LTCi purposes, is payable on a tax-free basis
Flexible Case Design:
  • One policy can cover an individual or joint insureds – including spouses, partners, siblings, and even parents/ siblings
  • Funding sources can include: CDs, money market accounts, cash, life insurance cash value, annuities, and qualified assets
  • Typically designed as a single premium, but clients can pay premiums for 1 to 20 years, or even lifetime payments on a guaranteed level basis

For more information about the many benefits of asset based LTCi, contact your LTCi Sales and Marketing manager today.