Disability Insurance: Back to Basics

Disability Insurance: Back to Basics

The typical needs analysis might be overwhelming to prospects or they might not be ready to commit the total amount of premium dollars required for the plan recommendation. In an effort to show them the value that we can bring to their family, why not start with protecting their income?

Disability Income products have the capability of making a large impact on the financial futures of your new and existing clients.

Key planning points that will aid in your discussion of income protection plans with your clients:

Why insure your income?
Your clients most likely insure their car, home and personal property, but what about their income?

Why buy coverage now?
As you age, Income Protection plans become more expensive and health condition changes may remove some of the plan features or eligibility.

Why Simplified DI?
This is a streamlined underwriting process that allows up to $6,000 of monthly benefit with no exam or financial documents!

Worried about retirement?
Your clients have worked hard to accumulate retirement funds in their pension or 401k. Disability Income Retirement Security (DIRS) will help them continue to fund their retirement if they get sick or hurt and could not work for a prolonged period of time.

Is Health Insurance enough?
Disability Income is viable in health insurance planning. It will cover areas outside the features that a typical health plan offers to help offset expenses.

We are dedicated to help you grow your Disability sales and income in 2019 – contact us if you have questions relating to the unique ways Income Protection plans can impact your clients’ lives.