How Being A Vitality Member Improves Health & Wealth

How Being A Vitality Member Improves Health & Wealth

It’s no secret that exercise combined with a sensible diet does a body good – but did you know that living a healthy lifestyle can also keep you financially fit?

Staying Active Can Boost Your Career

Emerging studies are revealing a correlation between regular physical activity and increased earnings/ wages – as much as 10%.

One theory centers around the fact that maintaining a habit of keeping active and eating right takes discipline – a character trait that often translates positively in the workplace.

People who workout also tend to be less stressed and see improved job satisfaction by directly impacting enthusiasm at work.

Eating Sensibly Saves Big

The average dinner out costs approximately $16 per person with time and labor expenses included – compared to about $8 for home-cooked meals. And at the cost of a higher average caloric intake.

And with the Vitality HealthyFood™ benefit through the John Hancock Vitality Program, clients can save even more money every time they purchase healthy foods at more than 16,000 participating grocery stores nationwide, including Walmart® and 70 major grocery chains that are part of the NutriSavings™ network.

Perks And Rewards For Healthy Living:
  • Earn Apple Watch® Series 4 for just $25, simply by exercising regularly
  • Complimentary Fitbit® device
  • Up to 15% savings on your annual premium
  • Up to $600 in annual savings on your healthy food purchases
  • Discounts and rewards from Amazon, Hyatt, iTunes, REI, Royal Caribbean International, Whole Foods and more
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