5 Must Know Facts About Life Insurance

5 Must Know Facts About Life Insurance

Many of your clients may not be aware of the ‘living’ benefits and other perks of a life insurance policy.

Here are a few fast facts that may help sway the vote on selling a policy:

Cash Accumulation

Some permanent life insurance policies include a cash value – meaning there’s financial potential that can be applied towards college tuition or even supplemental income for retirement.

Rewards & Discounts

Participants in the John Hancock Vitality Program are encouraged to eat right and exercise -the incentive being that they can save up to 15% on their annual premiums.

If that wasn’t enough, clients will also:

Tax Advantages

Proceeds are generally income tax-free to beneficiaries.

And when properly structured, are not considered part of your estate – and therefore safeguarded against estate taxes. Plus, there’s room for tax-deferred growth, tax-favored loans, and tax-friendly withdrawals

More Affordable Than People Think

Most people over estimate the total cost to be almost twice what it really is. And with term life rates on the decline, a personal policy is more affordable than ever – especially if purchased early and coupled with a healthy lifestyle.

Long Term Value

Imagine a family of four living off a single 60k annual income. If that income were to suddenly disappear at age of 40, it accumulates to a total loss of 1.2 million over only 20 years. That’s well over the amount the average person could save on their own.

Contact your Life Insurance Specialist for detailed information about a plan that meets your client’s needs and budget.