3 Ways Tracking Your Fitness Benefits Your Waistline (And Your Wallet)

3 Ways Tracking Your Fitness Benefits Your Waistline (And Your Wallet)

Some big brand names have teamed up in an effort to help individuals get in better shape physically as well as financially.

Keep Active – Stay Connected

Apple, the reigning king of smartwatches, has a version that includes a heart-rate sensor, built-in GPS, and a water resistant casing – to list just a few of the features. It’s also able to sync with Apple’s Health and Workout apps.

But the tech giant also heard the public’s call for versatility, so in addition to monitoring health and measuring workouts, users can also receive messages, sync playlists, or have Siri set reminders – guaranteeing you won’t miss a beat.

New Programs Offer Financial Rewards For Getting Healthy

The John Hancock Vitality Program is practically giving these things away – participants will receive a free FitBit or the option to earn an Apple Watch Series 4 for as little as $25 (valued at $300).

And that’s just to start – members can also save up to $600 per year on healthy food purchases at the grocery store.

Plus, up to 15% off on the annual premium and thousands of dollars in other rewards from Amazon, Hyatt, iTunes, REI, Royal Caribbean International, Whole Foods and more.

Early Warning Detection For Physical Emergencies

Dennis Anselmo, a 62-year-old builder, was rushed to the hospital when his Apple Watch registered his heart rate at more than 210 beats per minute (bpm) – normal is approximately 55-75 bpm. Doctors discovered a severe blockage in his arteries – he was mere minutes away from suffering what would have likely been a fatal heart attack.

And Paul Houle Jr., a high school senior and football player, had a similar experience when his Apple Watch clocked his heart rate at 145 bpm – not unusual for an intense workout, but it continued for hours. Turns out Houle had rhabdomyolysis – a syndrome that can cause sever kidney damage if untreated.

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