Healthy Habits That Lead To Hefty Savings

Healthy Habits That Lead To Hefty Savings

Is the healthiest version of yourself looking back at you in the mirror today?

We all want to be healthier, and so do your clients. So why not reward them for practicing the healthy habits they incorporate into their day to day lives?

When you add John Hancock’s Vitality Rider to Life Insurance, you not only give your clients incentive to pursue a healthier lifestyle, but to also reward them for maintaining it in the long run.

Keeping up to date on routine medical exams, having an exercise regimen in place, or simply receiving a flu shot will earn your clients points that they could apply towards discounts on insurance premiums, hotels, outdoor equipment, cruises, and shopping.

Not to mention the amount of premium savings your clients rack up from the John Hancock Vitality Program will effectively create their own free long-term care insurance plan. Let’s explore how Vitality will positively impact Protection Universal Life sales.

The Face-Off: Vitality vs. No Vitality


Participating is Easy
    • Set Personalized Goals
    • Track Your Progress
    • Earn Lower Premiums
    • Accumulate your rewards
Vitality rider is available on John Hancock Protection UL and Term Products

Vitality drives consumer value and the new Protection UL 15 product has competitive target premiums. You will save clients’ money, provide an innovative reward system and receive additional agent compensation. Everyone wins!

Contact your Life Sales Rep to learn how to effectively market and implement the Vitality program into your sales process.