5 Ways To Drive Sales This Season

5 Ways To Drive Sales This Season

Going outside in cold weather may be counter intuitive to some, but there numerous gains to be made in bracing the chill – physically and fiscally. Here are the cold hard facts on how staying active in the frost can keep your clients’ wallets and waistlines happy:

Burn Fat (Look Cool Doing It)

Exercising in low temperatures has been clinically proven to burn brown fat – that’s a fancy scientific name for that bulging waistline that creeps up during the holiday months.

And motivation is just around the corner – John Hancock Vitality Program Members receive a free FitBit at sign up and the chance to earn an Apple Watch Series 3 or 4 for as little as $25 just by completing regular workouts.

Plus, keeping on a steady exercise regimen has shown to help the mind and body fight those comfort food cravings.

Two Partridges – One Stone

Forget the life policies of insurance past, the John Hancock Vitality Program combines financial security for the future, while incentivizing healthy habits to extend the present.

Making an effort to live a healthier lifestyle can earn members up to 15% off their annual premium. Learn how.

Ticket to Paradise

Funny how the cost of flights and other commuting expenses seem to skyrocket during high travel times, huh? We all know it’s no coincidence – but we found you a loophole.

John Hancock Vitality Members earn discounts, gift cards, and rewards from Hyatt, REI, Royal Caribbean and other travel – not to mention Apple, Amazon, iTunes, entertainment, shopping, and fitness brands for the everyday things clients do to stay healthy.

Sweet Treats for Natural Sweets

With sugar plums and a plethora of other naughty snacks sweeping across offices and homes this time of year, it takes discipline to turn a blind eye.

It would be a lot easier if someone paid you to be healthy – and the HealthyFood™ Benefit portion of the John Hancock Vitality Program aims to do just that.

Clients will save money every time they time they purchase healthy foods at more than 16,000 participating grocery stores nationwide, including Walmart® and 70 major grocery chains that are part of the NutriSavings™ network – adding up to $600 dollars in annual savings.

Flu Fighter

Getting sick doesn’t just put a damper on your daily life, it’ll cost you – being forced to use up your vacation hours and paying medical bills is no holiday.

Regular exercise has been shown to boost one’s immunity – and if you take it outside, it keeps a healthy distance from germ infested institutions like the local gym.

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