One Simple Solution To Keep Premiums Low

One Simple Solution To Keep Premiums Low

The John Hancock Vitality program provides incentive to those who maintain an active lifestyle – your clients are rewarded for living healthy.

The program allows those who maintain and/or look to improve on their health to earn points, rewards, and save on life insurance premiums.

Many of the qualifying healthy activities are those that your clients may already be doing – point accumulation is easy and John Hancock will give each participant a free Fitbit to help track their progress.

Below is a list of these activities:

Walking at least 5,000 steps per day 10 Cholesterol check ≤ 200 mg/dL 1000
Walking at least 10,000 steps per day 20 Non-Tobacco user 1000
Walking at least 15,000 steps per day 30 Annual flu shot 400
BMI of 18.5 – 24.9 1,000 Pap Smear screening 200
BMI of 25-28 500 Colonoscopy screening 400
Blood pressure check 125 Dental screening 200
Blood pressure check ≤ 120/80 1000 *Carry over 10% of previous year’s points

The first level in the Vitality program is Bronze, which requires a range of between 0-3,499 points – some benefits are available at this level. Beyond Bronze are Silver, Gold and Platinum, which is the highest level of achievement.

Rewards and premium savings are enhanced as the higher achievement levels are attained.

The point scale is illustrated in the chart below:

Bronze 0 – 3,499
Silver 3,500 – 6,999
Gold 7,000 – 9,999
Platinum 10,000+

So imagine – While tracking progress with their Fitbit, a client walks 10,000 steps at least four times per week for one year. By doing so, they will have earned 4,160 points on this activity alone – bringing them more than half way to the Gold level. Combined with some of the other activities mentioned above, many they may already be doing, your client may quite easily hit the Gold or Platinum levels.

There are several variations on how clients can achieve each level of Vitality. For a complete list of activities and points, or for more information regarding John Hancock and the Vitality program, contact your Life Sales Rep.