3 Myths Consumers Believe About Life Insurance (And How You Can Overcome Them)

3 Myths Consumers Believe About Life Insurance (And How You Can Overcome Them)

Nearly 40% of Americans do not own a life policy – under the belief that 1) it’s too expensive, 2) it’s unnecessary if healthy, and 3) the purchasing process is too complicated. But these long held assumptions about life insurance simply do not hold water.

Rates as low as $15 per month

The largest living generation (millennials) are now in the prime age to purchase life insurance (30s). And not just for rates, but their level of responsibility – they’re settling into their careers, starting families, and buying homes. So why aren’t policies flying off the shelves?

Studies show most people overestimate the cost of coverage by more than 80%.

The John Hancock Vitality Program offers rates starting as low as $15 a month [1] – that’s a fraction of what most people pay for their phone bill.

And because millennials are known for wanting more, the program threw in the following perks to sweeten the deal:

Vitality Age Calculator

Studies show that most peoples’ bodies are biologically older than their age on paper – by an average of more than five years.

Potential clients using the excuse that they’re healthy and therefore do not need life insurance may see the light when they find out exactly how their current lifestyle is affecting their overall life expectancy.

The Vitality Age Calculator was formulated using sophisticated algorithms from data incorporated from hundreds of international academic research studies [2] – click here to try it out.

Simplified Approvals & Underwriting

Applications submitted through one of John Hancock’s ‘ticket’ systems may qualify for an underwriting decision in just a few days [3], upon completion of a brief tele-interview – without having to complete lab work or a medical exam.

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[1] Based on $250,000 in coverage for a 10-year term product for Female, Age 30 at Super-Elite underwriting status. Policy Form Series SPT17HE
[2] The Vitality Age Calculator was developed by scientists at the University of Cape Town and the Sports Science Institute of South Africa
[3] Proposed Insureds aged 18-60 who apply for up to and including $1MM of DB