An Extra Incentive For Cigarette Smokers

An Extra Incentive For Cigarette Smokers

It goes without saying that smoking cigarettes is harmful to your health. Cigarette smoke affects every organ in the body and is a significant factor in cardiovascular disease, lung disease and many cancers.

One of our A+ carriers encourages clients to quit smoking! 

This carrier has a Quit Smoking incentive that allows Preferred and Standard Smokers to automatically receive Standard Non Smoker current  policy charges in the first three years on certain UL products. If by the end of the third policy year, the insured provides satisfactory evidence of having quit smoking for at least 12 months, and the microanalysis is free of nicotine or metabolics, they will be permanently re-classified as Standard Non Smokers, without any additional underwriting!

*Policy values for years 4 and on will reflect the appropriate Smoker policy charges for insureds who have not quit smoking within the first three years.

Do you have a client who is considering kicking the habit? Now you can offer them this great incentive to quit smoking while saving them money!