The Ultimate Life Program That Makes New Sales

The Ultimate Life Program That Makes New Sales

The John Hancock Vitality Program has been so impactful that its changed the way we promote or position life insurance with our clients.

Available on Hancock’s Term ($250,000 minimum face amount) and their Protection UL ($50,000 minimum face amount) Products, Vitality promotes healthy lifestyle activities and participating clients are rewarded both in their insurance policy with discounted premiums and in their personal life via reduced hotel/cruise rates, and gift cards – but most importantly, a longer and healthier life.

With all the perks, it makes sense to consider replacing their existing term coverage or permanent insurance policy with a Vitality eligible product through John Hancock.

Clients who travel frequently or take an annual family vacation, the cost savings on hotels/cruises alone could help free up additional money to fund life insurance or investment activities.

Many of your clients may already be doing the very same activities that generate Vitality rewards points – show them how these activities can help to put more money back in their pockets.

While some carriers are discontinuing insurance products without advance warning and others are selling off blocks of existing policies to free up capital, John Hancock is backed by a history of strong financial ratings and name brand recognition.

Contact your Life Sales Rep to learn more about this innovative platform and how it can help create new sales opportunities for you while giving your clients incentive to live a healthier life.