100% Guaranteed Issue DI Benefits

100% Guaranteed Issue DI Benefits

Most disabilities are short-term in nature – yet, most small businesses don’t provide short-term disability protection for their employees, leaving them vulnerable if they were to become sick or hurt.

Ensure that your small business clients are covered, no matter what the length of the disability is with Guaranteed Short-term DI.

Small businesses with as few as two employees can be provided with affordable, 100% guaranteed issue short term disability protection with up to $1,500 per week with benefits– including pre-existing condition benefits, full maternity benefits and partial disability benefits. And now there is a benefit that helps everyone in the group – from 2 to 19 employees.

Benefits can become payable as soon as the 1st day after a non-occupational injury or 8th day of a sickness. Rates are guaranteed for 3 years.

Reach out to your small business owner clients who may have had difficulty securing the DI coverage they need. Then contact your Group Benefit Specialist for details, eligibility and to secure a quote for your clients.