Clients Control Cost Of Their Own Premium With This Life Policy

Clients Control Cost Of Their Own Premium With This Life Policy

The opportunity for clients to significantly lower premiums (up to 15%) on their policy coupled with financial incentives towards entertainment, shopping, and travel is something the industry has never seen.

The John Hancock Vitality Program has completely changed how we position life insurance planning for clients.

Clients earn ‘Vitality’ points for engaging in a healthy lifestyle – and then cash in those points for discounts, gift cards, and rewards from Apple, Amazon, Hyatt, iTunes, REI, Royal Caribbean International and more.

Your clients can rack up Vitality points simply by:

  • Exercising regularly: Clients can walk, run, bike, swim or do any number of the physical activities they likely already do to stay fit to earn points, and all at their own pace – the more active they are the more points they’ll earn. Members receive a complimentary FitBit to help track activity. And those interested in upgrading can earn an Apple Watch Series 3 for as little as $25.
  • Completing an annual Vitality Health Review: A yearly checkup earns 500 points alone, but an annual dental, mammogram, pap smear or colonoscopy screening (even a flu shot) can achieve points as well.

John Hancock has made it pretty simple to accumulate points quickly – reach out to your Life Sales Rep for a full list of activities, Vitality points and related benefits available.