Scuba Diving For Preferred?

Scuba Diving For Preferred?

One of our carriers follows an aggressive approach when it comes to underwriting clients actively engaged in recreational or technical scuba diving.

Here’s an example:

  • 37-year-old male non-tobacco
  • 5’11”, 185 pounds
  • Blood pressure 130/80
  • Total cholesterol 235 and Chol/HDL ratio 5.0
  • MVR and family history are unremarkable
  • Dives up to 125 ft. six times a year

This carrier offers Preferred NT

The key factors include:

  • Must otherwise qualify for a Preferred rate class
  • Formal training before diving
  • Qualified for technical diving (e.g., caving/wreck diving)
  • Never dives alone


  • No flat extra rating for dives under 150 ft.
  • Competitive flat extra rates for dives over 150 ft.
  • Scuba activity is considered for Preferred even if it carries an extra rating

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