Credit for Older Age Clients With An Abnormal pro-BNP

Credit for Older Age Clients With An Abnormal pro-BNP

Life insurance carriers have been utilizing a blood test on their lab panels called the proBNP. The proBNP blood test is a marker for overall cardiovascular risk and a marker of long-term mortality in individuals with heart disease. 

An abnormal proBNP in the absence of cardiac symptoms also has prognostic relevance in the general population. If abnormal, some carriers will decline or ask for an additional cardiac work-up at the client’s expense in order to reconsider.

If the proBNP is favorable, a new underwriting credit may be available for applicants age 70 or older.

Here is a case study:

  • Male, age 75, Non Smoker
  • Seeking $500,000 of UL coverage
  •  History of a TIA (mini-stroke) 3 years ago
  • Followed closely by his physician
  • Insurance lab panel showed a proBNP of 55 (normal)

This client would have qualified for mild substandard rates under previous guidelines. With the new credit, he can now qualify for Standard.

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