Maximize Your Legacy With Life Insurance

Maximize Your Legacy With Life Insurance

Advantages of life insurance:

  • Life insurance death proceeds are typically paid income tax-free to the policy beneficiary
  • Life Insurance policies within an irrevocable trust may exclude estate taxes
  • Equivalent annual contributions into a taxable investments account would require higher returns and greater risk

Client Assumptions Policy Assumptions – John Hancock Protection UL
Female Premium $500 per month
Age 45 Premium Years Life Pay
Preferred Best Non-tobacco Death Benefit $1,378,928
Life Expectancy: 83 Income Tax Rate 35%

The internal rate of return at age 83, life expectancy, is 7.86%.  The equivalent in a taxable account equates to 12.09%!

It is common for people to designate assets for a specific purpose.  For example, money in a savings account may be used for a down payment on a home or an IRA used for retirement income needs.  In many cases, people also set aside assets to provide a legacy for children, grandchildren or a charity.

With proper legacy planning, it’s possible to increase assets by a significant amount, secure your legacy and minimize or eliminate the impact of income and estate taxes by using life insurance.

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