The Flexibility Of Cash With Mutual Of Omaha

The Flexibility Of Cash With Mutual Of Omaha

It is important to your clients that the long-term care policy they select today will meet their needs tomorrow.

Provide your clients the flexibility they need – to choose how they will receive their policy benefits – with a built-in cash benefit offered in Mutual of Omaha’s LTCi policies.

The Two Ways Your Clients Can Receive Policy Benefits

Cash – There’s no elimination period to satisfy. Your clients receive a percentage of the policy’s maximum monthly benefit in cash, which can be used to pay any cost associated with their long-term care expenses.

Reimbursement – After satisfying the policy’s elimination period, your clients are reimbursed for actual long-term care expenses they incur, up to the maximum monthly benefit of the policy.

Concept Advantages

When the need for long-term care first arises, most people rely on the help of family members. Having a policy that offers the option of both cash and reimbursement benefit options provides:

  • A cash benefit can be used for anything related to a long-term care need, including services that may not be covered by the policy. This gives your clients and their families the financial ability to explore options for care before deciding what’s best
  • A reimbursement benefit allows your clients to access covered long-term care services, knowing they will be reimbursed up to the selected amount each month
  • Having the option to switch between cash and reimbursement gives your clients control over how best to spend the benefits of their policy

For more information and assistance with selecting a long-term care policy to meet the needs of each of your clients, contact your LTCi Sales Rep.