Lets Go Table Shaving And Credit Picking For The Fall Harvest

Lets Go Table Shaving And Credit Picking For The Fall Harvest

Special underwriting table shaving and crediting programs for your clients who want lifelong protection can come and go like leaves on a tree. This fall, we’d like to highlight the leaders who are helping us obtain offers that may otherwise seem impossible:

Table Shaving: Four carriers offer the traditional table shave to those individuals ages 70 and under seeking permanent plans only (*one will only consider VUL in their program). Three can offer a straight Table 3 to Standard with $5 mil and $10 mil face amount limitations and one can offer a straight Table 2 to Standard with no face amount limitation.

Healthy Lifestyle Credits:

One carrier believes that every applicant should be rewarded for living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of themselves – they can often compensate negative debits with favorable credits for the best rate possible.

For example, credits are given to individuals who see their doctor routinely and exercise on a regular basis. More credits are given for those who have favorable blood pressure and cholesterol levels on their exams. Offers can often be moved up to two tables of credit. There are no limitations due to age, plan or face amount.

Getting FIT In More Ways Than One: Another carrier can move a case up to two tables of credit for either term or permanent plan coverage up to age 75 and up to $5 mil single life/$10 mil SUL.  This carrier believes that people who have positive factors in the FIT categories tend to have better mortality. So, on those cases that might be mildly or moderately rated, when individuals have positive health factors, they can offer extra mortality credits.

Some of the FIT factors that are considered include:

  • Great family history
  • Favorable cholesterol levels and A1c testing
  • A normal stress test in the past two years
  • Optimal blood pressure control
  • Regular preventative medical care
  • No tobacco use in the past 10 years
  • Preferred or better driving record
  • Being a lifetime non-smoker.

Healthstyles: This stylish proprietary program offers class upgrades on Standard or better decisions for clients ages 20-65 based on favorable health and lifestyle factors. A few of the credits that may be available include:

  • Annual check-ups
  • Favorable cardiac testing
  • Regular screening tests
  • Lifetime non-smoker
  • Regular Exercise

Contact your Life Underwriting Department for more details and let us help you fall into some great underwriting outcomes. Make your 4th quarter the best one yet.