Locking In Financial Gains

Locking In Financial Gains

Since 2009, the S&P 500 has returned over 220% – the second longest bull market in US history. The big question is how long will this bull continue to run before we see it come to a halt?

A top advisor is having great success with clients when asking them if they want to lock in their gains. He shows them the chart below, and the current S&P 500 numbers, then asks which direction they believe the market is headed next.

The majority of his clients believe the market has a correction coming.



There will be a market correction, but it’s a question of when, not if – so let’s help position clients for any changes. Organically, equity investing is giving back growth as the market moves through its cycles. However, as we near or enter retirement, giving back too much growth can be detrimental.

With a portion of their assets, the advisor helps reposition the client into an annuity, where:

  • Gains are locked in and they can continue to grow the asset without the market risk
  • An income floor is created when a living benefit is elected
  • A death benefit floor is created

If you have clients between the ages of 55-75 with a large equity position, it’s a perfect opportunity to reduce risk and lock in gains.

Contact your Annuity Marketing Manager  for more information on this product and how it works. Together we can better position clients for the inevitable.