You Be You: The Successful Warm Call

You Be You: The Successful Warm Call

Effective warm calls are not as difficult as they once were. In past lives, it was necessary to create long-winded, fancy scripts – but today, sincerity goes a long way.

Showing that you care is a large portion of a successful formula. Prospects have become callused to the “sales person” and the boilerplate lines they’ve heard numerous times. Don’t get me wrong, people certainly seek to buy things and are looking for solutions to their challenges – but they want a living, breathing, warm individual who is there to learn, understand and offer guidance to a unique situation.

The process for an effective warm call is simple – approach the call as though you are speaking to a good friend.

“Hey Rob, how are ya?  I think last time we spoke you were just about to go on a Mediterranean cruise with your family. How was that?

We haven’t had the opportunity to speak in a while but I wanted to get your feelings on the recent market we’ve been experiencing. The start of this year has been interesting for the markets, hasn’t it?

More than ever, I have been receiving a number of referrals and investors are having difficult time with the recent volatility.  I thought it only made sense to connect to family and friends to make sure they are feeling okay with it.

Are you handling it alright? Has it had any impacts on your current finances?

Have you had to make adjustments to accommodate your future goals?

You know Rob, based off how you’re feeling there are some things you could do that would ease your mind, better protect your assets, and give you a better idea as to your long-term progress.  It has become interesting to me; I help many people who I meet as strangers and yet the people who I have known forever, I have let fend for themselves.

I would certainly never want to push you but I want you to know that I am always happy to help you, even if it’s a second opinion.

Is there anything I can do to help?”

The intent of the call is not to suggest a product or an investment idea, it’s not even to educate. The goal is to ask good, open-ended questions, then listen.

By listening carefully, you will likely identify an issue or two that is creating uncertainty.  Focus on acknowledging their feelings (both good and bad), substantiate your concerns, and let them know you have solutions that can help. More than anything else, be yourself, take interest, and truly care.