The DOL And The Insurance Industry’s Response

The DOL And The Insurance Industry’s Response

With the DOL and the fiduciary rule taking effect next April, we are receiving inquires on a frequent basis as to what this will mean for advisors recommending index annuities to fund IRAs.

By now you’ve probably read about the fiduciary rule, the Best Interest Contract Exception and the countless articles speculating what this will mean for you and your business. The rule itself is lengthy. If you find yourself unable to sleep one night, give it a read – you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time.

Although it is being challenged by a few carriers in court, I’ll lump myself in with the speculatorsand say that I don’t believe this will stop the rule – it may delay it, at most.

Below are a few links to help you get more familiar with the rule, or contact us for the Cliff’s Notes version:

For now, it looks as though the rule is here to stay. A recent article on Investment News reported that there are already carriers developing fee based index annuities to stay in front of this.  These carriers include: Allianz, Voya, North American, Symetra and Lincoln Financial named in the article. Some of these products will be hitting the market towards the end of 2016 – and those of you who know how the industry works can speculate that more carriers will follow suitby copying the market leaders.

As your #1 source for annuity insight, education and case design – rest assured that when these products hit the streets, we’ll be here to assist with training, questions and most importantly – helping you understand how the changes will effect your business.

With over 35 carriers all looking to stay in the ever growing annuity business, your product selection should remain as strong as ever.