Protecting The Entertainment Industry

Protecting The Entertainment Industry

The “Kanyes” and “Kims” of the world need coverage too. Many times, traditional carriers deny coverage to clients who live to entertain – mainly because their incomes frequently fluctuate between jobs. For clients who work behind the scenes or in the spotlight, there is Entertainment Industry Disability Income Protection.

There are various options for your showbiz clientele to choose from based on what side of the camera lens they work on.

The recently revamped StarCoverSM from Petersen International focuses on fiduciary security and income protection for your superstar clients who live to perform. While the clients who prefer to work in the background can find excellent coverage through other Entertainment Industry Disability Insurance Plans.

Easily identify what class your entertainment clients will qualify for when looking for coverage with Principal’s Entertainment Industry guide here.

From directors, actors, and musicians, to writers, make-up artists, and stunt men – there is a plan that covers them all. Make sure all your clients are protected – prescribe adequate levels of income replacement in the event a disability leaves them unable to work.