Are You Working With CPAs?

Are You Working With CPAs?

There is a good reason why a CPA is considered their clients most Trusted Advisor. Think about the questions they get asked:

  • What will be the capital gain tax if I sell my second home?
  • Should I start taking social security now or wait until later?
  • What is the Net Investment tax I am paying on my investments?
  • Can I leave my 401k to my grandchildren?
  • Do I need more life insurance to cover my Buy-Sell?

These questions are often asked of you, their financial advisor – or many times the CPA refers the client to a financial advisor. This is why forming a partnership with a CPA firm makes a lot of sense.

CPAs need immediate expertise to meet the demanding needs of their higher net worth clients. They are looking to form a partnership and share in revenue, especially as accounting revenues are still rather flat with most independent firms.

Learn more by downloading our CPA Firm Conversation eBook. If you are already partnered with a CPA, this book will tell you more about Wealthmetrics, and how we can help grow your business. If you’re thinking of partnering with a CPA, this book will help you get started.