Top Annuity Rates

Top Annuity Rates

Annuity rates are on the move and we have listed the top contracts below. Short term annuities (3 – 7 years) are selling really well.

Index Annuities for Accumulation:

7 Year: With no fees and no potential for losses due to a stock market decline, conservative clients looking to grow funds safely are gravitating towards this design featuring:

  • Dynamic Index with no cap and 1.35% spread with 100% participation rate
  • Back tested yields of 4.40% – 9.00% depending on the time horizon illustrated
  • 4% commission for most ages

5 Year: Short term to hedge interest rate risk. With a 1% minimum guarantee and an upside of up to 5.25%, this is a great CD replacement for clients frustrated with low yielding CDs and fixed instruments. This contract features:

  • Simple S&P500 annual point to point with cap of 5.25%
  • Back tested yields of 3.70% – 3.90% depending on the time horizon illustrated
  • 1% minimum guarantee
  • 2.50% commission for most ages

Fixed Annuities:

3 year = 2.00% 5 year = 3.20% 7 year = 3.35%
4 year = 2.55% 6 year = 3.22% 10 year = 3.50%

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