The Ultimate Guide To Qualified Leads

The Ultimate Guide To Qualified Leads

Did you know property casualty agencies typically operate on a 30% close rate? That means it likely takes an agency 10,000 leads to acquire 3,000 clients. That’s 10,000 marketable leads you could access from a single strategic partnership with a property casualty agency.

Opportunity in the Property Casualty Space

These agency owners likely have the one thing you don’t have – a steady stream of renewing policyholders. This isn’t new information, but what is new is that these agency owners need you now more than ever before.

The “independent” property casualty agency channel – specifically personal lines – is challenged with the commoditization of auto insurance, commission rate reductions, and larger, more well-funded players entering the space.

Then there’s the pressure and competition from the “direct” channel. Think Allstate, Farmers, State Farm, and AAA. These four spend billions developing product, creating marketing collateral, training their agency base, and on consumer marketing. It’s difficult for consumers to escape from their reach.

This challenging, highly competitive environment creates a huge opportunity for independent life agents and financial advisors to partner with independent property casualty agencies. These agency owners are looking for a way to compete, looking for additional revenue streams – and you can show them where to find untapped opportunity.

Brightbox Expand Creates Opportunity in the Property Casualty Space

Brightbox Expand is a fully automated marketing platform designed to rejuvenate idle leads and create a second or third sale with existing clients. It should be used to open up significant opportunity for Life, Annuities, Long Term Care, and Disability Income sales with these strategic partners. The opportunity is there and Brightbox can be the game changer for your business and theirs.

Ink A Strategic Partnership With The Brightbox Conversation eBook

Identify a potential strategic partner in the property casualty space. Prior to your approach, familiarize yourself with Brightbox’s Conversation eBook. This Conversation eBook is designed to position you as a service oriented expert for life, annuities, long term care, and disability income products. You will be able to easily demonstrate how you will open up their book of business to these product lines and the revenue stream that would follow. It’s a process that will help facilitate a productive conversation resulting in an “inked” partnership.

Brightbox Expand and Brightbox’s Conversation eBook have opened the door for life producers and financial advisors to partner with property casualty agencies across the nation. Schedule a demo and download the Conversation eBook today to see what opportunities Brightbox can bring to you and your strategic partnerships.